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   We’ve talked about Random Acts of Kindness (RAK).
Now we know...I was on time to the Park & Rec board meeting when I saw a guy planting the flowers at the Welcome to Vacation Wonderland sign. I stopped. The board meeting could start without me.
Let’s talk about this idea again. I think about the ‘old timers’ and what that meant for them. I truly believe it was an essential part of their life to depend on neighbors and community. To help with loose horses or cows, to build a new shed, or barn raising, to repair a wagon wheel, or offer plant starts that came from Aunt Martha back east. Quilting parties for the young ones getting married or having babies, blacksmith’s open house, food delivered when someone got sick, or to assist in canning ...was all a part of life. When someone needed you, you were there and they in turn were there for you.
I thanked Ed Brochu, who lives in Cazadero, for beautifying our gateway and asked him why was he doing this? He said his mother, Nola Dianne Abbott, had passed away recently in November in Houston. He said since then, it feels like you are entering a large auditorium, but no one is in there, it’s just you, and then the door closes behind you. His mother used to grow zinnias. He wanted to way to honor and remember her. He harvested zinnia seeds from her plants and decided it would be nice to landscape our gateway with zinnias. It would also show tourists that we are back open for business after the floods. He said it helps him from feeling despondent. What a
When I first arrived on the coast we had a co-op to purchase good organic bulk food back in the early 80’s. We would sort and deliver for each other. It was a great way to spend time and talk about our own gardens and land. We went over and helped each other work on our houses, or gardens.
great way to honor your mother, and to have such a big impact on our little community. Thank you, Ed, I’m sure your mother is smiling, as we all are.
Potlucks on the old dirt road, with the longest of tables and everyone bringing lots of homegrown, homemade food, are a memory I cherish. It felt normal to ask the guys to come and pull my old water well pump and they all came willingly. It only took a few hours. When the new pump came they put it all back and the water flowed and we all cheered.
What else can we do? What makes you happy? Walking my dog in Northwood or the Terraces, playing tennis (or pickleball for you old folks!), meeting neighbors at the community garden, helps me decompress. Lightwave or Bia Café after tennis. Cuts on the Green to catch up on what you might have missed on Facebook or Nextdoor. Get out, socialize, get exercise, slow down,
and enjoy the beautiful nature we have. We all need a release from the continual negativity evident in national politics and small-town issues. What does Monte Rio need? Getting the Rio Café, Rio Theater, and the Pink back in business. Hopefully this summer? I’ve never been one for patience. For those that have noticed, the Hate Free Community sign will be put back up on the new Monte Rio Rec & Park signage across from the theater. Park & Rec is also still working on trying to get Monte Rio a public EV charging station. Technology is advancing so rapidly. When I bought my EV a few years ago, VW was not able to deliver the car I wanted with Driver Assist package. I guess last year, the local dealer got almost no EVs. This year, things are different. Apparently, car manufacturers get fined if their overall sales don’t meet mpg regulations. As more trucks and SUVs are sold, they are forced to produce more EVs to compensate. So, I was finally able to get the car I had wanted. Driving hands free, accelerator and
Or how about the time when the kids (my boys) would miss the bus and the local sheriff would take them to school if he was passing by. He just happened to be passing by the Annapolis area! Today we call these heroic acts of kindness. But back then it was just what you did. It always feels good to make a huckleberry pie and share it. I hope we can find ways to create RAK.
June is full of good times on the coast.
Timber Cove is “Connect to Place” with an onsite Walkabout hosted by Unbeaten Path Hiking Tours & Yoga with Margaret Lindgren every Saturday from 9 AM to 10 AM from June-November 2019! This one hour onsite outdoor experience provides great insight into the property’s natural surroundings and wildlife as well as its unique & historical attributes, including fascinating details of our most prominent & signature feature, Benny Bufano’s Peace Obelisk. Locals are invited for a small token fee of $10. Visit timbercoveresort. com/ form more updates and all event info.
brake free is like something out of a science fiction movie. It’s scary as you tell yourself, don’t panic, trust the technology. It actually works very well in stop and go traffic. Someday soon, you’ll be able to get in a car, or have a car come to you via a phone app, speak your destination and relax. Trust me, it isn’t at the relax stage yet, more like the adventurous awe-inspiring, heart palpitating stage. But it is safer. Think of the freedom and mobility to continue to drive as you age. These cars, self-brake, self-park, and handle adaptive cruise control very well. Sacramento has become the national leader in EV cars, thanks to VW’s settlement. Fast chargers at Walmarts and Targets, EV Car Shares where you use a phone app and go, just like the bike and scooter shares. Let’s get the electric bike shares here. It would be fun for our residents and tourists. Summer is arriving, and so should we.
Jenner Wildland Conservancy “At the time of its purchase, Jenner Headlands was the single largest conservation acquisition in Sonoma County history.” Jenner Headlands Preserve is open daily free of charge. Access to the Preserve’s 14 miles of hiking trails is available through the Gateway to Jenner Headlands. The Gateway offers free parking, information kiosks,
and an ADA trail to restrooms and a scenic picnic area. The 30-space parking lot and trails will be open to the public free of charge from 8 am to sunset.
Gualala and our coastal regions are blessed with a fantastic art center and which has something going on every day of the year. If you have an art idea, or an event idea, they can make it happen. In June alone GAC hosts
8 different classes from Oils and Acrylics, Doodling and Tangling, Quilts landscaping, Fermentation Basics (sounds very healthy and good), Abstract Painting and Spirit of Nature, Basics of Drawing, and Chinese Brush painting.
With fire season approaching, updates on installation of air quality sensors. As previously reported Cazadero Fire has approved Russian River Alliance’s request to install local sensors to protect residents and school children. Russian River Fire did not see it in their purview to do this and decided not to approve the request. It’s unfortunate when special districts do not understand issues that actually do fall within their purview and do not make an effort to do more to better serve their communities. This is especially true in this case as Rio Nido is probably the most impacted community in our area. A follow-up request has been sent to MRFPD for an update on their end.
They are also host to two concerts, and art exhibit openings by several artists. Check them out often for all updates and current events. Do you love pizza – well they have one of the coolest pizza ovens on the coast and often have pizza bakes. Visit for all the info.
Further north in Point Arena the Lighthouse is always a shining star! On Saturday, June 15 at 4 p.m. Scott Mercer will present “Large Baleen Whales of the Local Coast” as part of the Lighthouse Lecture Series. If you want to know about our whales that pass by, this is the perfect lecture for you. A close look
Let’s have a safe summer at the beach and river. Sonoma County YMCA will be providing Water Safety & Swim lesson classes at the Monte Rio Beach this summer. These are co-sponsored by MRRPD and Friends of Monte Rio. Tentative dates are July 15-August 9th. There will be 3 levels of classes for ages 5-12. Cost is $10 per week with assistance available to cover the costs if needed. More details will be forthcoming.
at the common Large Baleen Whales of the Local Coast including humpback, finback, and blue whale, with a special emphasis on the ecology of the gray whale and the 2019 census will be highlighted. For each species they will look at their overall dimensions, population’s, geographic range, food preferences, and feeding strategies. Also check out the night tours, the lighthouse tours and more at
Happy June, get out, enjoy, and support our businesses as they reopen.
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Vacation Wonderland, we just keep getting better.

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