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Welcome !
I am delighted and proud to present this guide to Saint-Donat, PARC NATUREL HABITÉ (“an inhabited natural park”).
Not many towns boast such a welcoming atmosphere, two downhill ski resorts, more than 1,000 kilometres of trails, a public park in the heart of town, and 81 lakes and ponds, including 18 where locals and visitors can live and stay. The scenery is breathtaking all year round. Saint-Donat is just steps away from its famous neighbour—the Pimbina sector of Mont-Tremblant National Park—and is connected to Lac Supérieur by Le Chemin du Nordet, which has become a favourite of cyclists and motorcyclists alike.
Thanks to its diverse array of free recreational and cultural activities, Saint-Donat is an affordable vacation destination to enjoy with family and friends.
With the help of its partners, the town has updated its hiking trail signage to offer more information about the area and ensure visitor safety. A watchtower was built at the summit of Montagne Noire and several trails now have scenic lookouts from which hikers can admire panoramic views of our forests and lakes. Plus, fatbike enthusiasts can now enjoy more than 30 kilometres of fun !
To truly experience the benefits of living in such a splendid setting, I’d like to encourage you to stay a few days at one of our inns, cottages, or condos. Don’t miss your chance to indulge at our restaurants and cafés or visit our shops during your stay.
As a well-known vacation destination, Saint-Donat is an excellent choice for those looking to purchase a second home on the water or in the mountains.
I would like to sincerely thank you for choosing Saint-Donat.
Enjoy your stay !
Joé Deslauriers, maire

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