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Science Department Program Review

Science Department Program Review

Pine-Richland Board of School Directors             Philosophy Vision Statement

                      JEFFREY BANYAS - President   Engage students in the world of
                  THERESE DAWSON - Vice-President       science by developing a
                                                           foundation of skills
                       DENNIS SUNDO - Treasurer
                             MARC CASCIANI          strengthened through a wide
                              GREG DITULLIO               range of content and
                            VIRGINIA GOEBEL                    experiences.
                            HOLLY JOHNSTON
                                  PETER LYONS
                              STEVEN STEGMAN

                 Science Department

      Program Review Report Prepared by:

                            BRIAN MILLER, Ed.D.


                      MICHAEL PASQUINELLI, Ed.D.

        Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education and Curriculum

                         KRISTEN SILBAUGH, Ph.D.

       Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education and Curriculum

                             LAURA DAVIS, Ed.D.

                                Director of Pupil Services

                                NOEL HUSTWIT

                              Director of Special Education

                          JOHN MAYBERRY, Ed.D.

                          Principal, Hance Elementary School

                                 LAURA BURNS

                   Assistant Principal, Pine-Richland High School

                                 LAURIE JONES

                   Science Teacher, Pine-Richland Middle School

                                 BRIAN KANTZ

                   Science Teacher, Pine-Richland Middle School

                                  JOHN SIMKO

                   Chemistry Teacher, Pine-Richland High School

                                 JOHN SLEPAK

     Science Teacher and Department Chair, Pine-Richland Middle School

                               KATHIE THOMAS

Biology/Chemistry Teacher and Department Chair, Pine-Richland High School

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