Page 117 - Language is an Intangible Bridge
P. 117

 i would like to read a poem now i
wrote in april
2020 04 23
to find without looking for proximity, how is it that we ended up here (and gone) not just the people but the forest too
did we insist on one another or lucky we found each other again we look back to tell sweet stories of how it all came to pass unknowingly giving ourselves credit for the decisions we couldn’t make, the chances we didn’t take because they were made and taken for us by forces unforeseen our ancestors also lived in the present as we are living our best
life knowing not knowing what the eventual consequence of any of it might become
#poem #friendship #time #timetravel#unintentionalart
#queer #narratives#imagination #fantasy#highlysensitiveperson #plural
in these dire times i am reminded of (alternative) meanings of the words touch and move; to touch, to move, to be touched, to be moved without touching without moving
these sensations physical and
deeply impressive easily arousing reminiscent of pain with or without internet’s aid
expose memories of touch that didn’t and do not touch and memories of movement that didn’t and do not move
a compass emerges for now i can tell the difference and know it to be real
#reality #negotiation #agency#agentialrealism

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