Page 119 - Language is an Intangible Bridge
P. 119

 Lately, I am feeling how language creates momentary containers to enclose the undefinable stuff of the multiverse. The words and
their carried history box up
and catalogue our sensed experiences in a way that can
feel like colonizing taxonomy.
On the other hand, these word containers are also generative,
they are sculptures in and of themselves, as much an art object
as a shipping vessel. The box is sometimes also the gift. Maybe language is less of a static bridge that buttresses our distant shores, but more like a ferry that passes back and forth between us, autonomously onloading and offloading glimpses of each other’s exotic ecosystems.
I’m a curator of dance, as well as a choreographer, and I just realized
that most of the dance that I’ve ever learned has been passed to me through words. Most of the dance that I pass on also is first translated into words. They ghostwrite the choreography; an under recognized dance partner that flits between us to help us imagine other ways of being, together.

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