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 Cartón is a collaborative interdisciplinary work inspired by cardboard, which emerges in these times of pandemic where we are facing the complex context of being performing artists in confinement. We connect with cardboard as a meeting point for experimentation since we think that this materiality would allow us to articulate a collaborative working network, stimulating an active exercise of cooperation between artists and cultural institutions from different locations, for an expanded co-creation process.
This proposal was born from the experiments of Fasma’s creative research project (2018-2019), an interdisciplinary work in which we investigate the relationships between body, movement and materiality. It is also linked to the collaborative works with Alys Longley and Máximo Corvalán-Pincheira for the Mapeo de Bordes Porosos (2018) project and Beberemos el Vino Nuevo, Juntos! (2020).
Cardboard - migrant - ductile - ecological - recyclable - affordable - cross-border - multiple - diverse - trigger of imaginaries - transversal to social strata
We are wondering...
How can we create by welcoming the challenges and possibilities that this material proposes to us?
What happens to my body when it dialogues with the cardboard?
What bodily relationships are displayed in our territory with cardboard?
How could we explore the territory from cardboard as its axis?
What routes could be traced from the observation of cardboard migrations?
How can I understand cardboard as a body?
If a cardboard box had eyes, what would it see?
How can we reorient our listening towards the sounds of the soundscape and cardboard?
Who inhabits or travels the territory that I explore?
maca campbell parra / rolando jara / eduardo cerón tillería
short talks

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