Page 127 - Language is an Intangible Bridge
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 We propose to create multiple variations in movement in response to a series of scores: instructions, suggestions, provocations, ideas, images, exercises, as a device for creation and play.
The meeting of the multiple variations will constitute the
work Cartón, which will be organized as a constellation, in the etymological sense (meeting of stars), as the ability to build figures, joining distant points that allow us to configure the work as a kind of imaginary map, from the material and bodily experience of this everyday and accessible element.
We invite you to play, to get lost, to browse with the cardboard, to find spaces for dialogue and horizontal coexistence between our corporality and the material: to listen to it, to invite it, to discover yourself in unity and separation with it. How many hands have already touched the surface you are exploring with?
Eduardo Cerón, Rolando Jara and Macarena Campbell (Chile)

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