Page 87 - Language is an Intangible Bridge
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 This lecture-workshop presents an experiment in collaboration across distance and time zones. It tests working methods for the Cartón/ Cardboard project (and the collaborative team Macarena Campbell-Parra, Rolando Jara Eduardo Cerón Tillería, pavle heidler, Hugo Navarro and Alys Longley), with artists in Santiago, Auckland and Stockholm, Sweden in which we work with cardboard as an equalizing and accessible skin. In this way artists in different continents share the same experiments in touch and collaboration from geographically separated terrains.
We will work with scores, instructions, poetics, experimental documentation and expanded fields of choreography and writing. We’ll also work with translation and mistranslation as sites of possibility. This project is inflected by the geopolitics of the Global South.
To participate in the workshop aspect of this presentation, please collect cardboard of different sizes, craft knives, scissors, drawing materials, paper and any other craft and
art materials that you desire. Be prepared to send digital images and video to a shared file during the session. We will co-create an artist-book in the real time of the workshop.

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