Page 89 - Language is an Intangible Bridge
P. 89

  we will be working in many languages at once including physical/ screen based languages.
we embrace mistranslation and feeling lost as resources. We can practice being destabilised and present simultaneously. To do so we work toward physical comfort and relaxation - a little bit less effort, a little bit more joy in presence.
we all have permission to experiment with creative and playful approaches to Zoom - including orienting away from the screen, moving and changing position at any time, focussing on sensory experience.
translation accidents as sites of emergence
falling out of your time zone
the humble wealth of ordinary materials, of doing less
to undo the sleeves of the discipline with the quick unpick of touch
grain of material/ granularity of feeling
The half-formed idea. The return of the idea that never left. dwelling in the dual/ duel
distributing skin, expanding the containers of touch
voice to pigment to line to [ ]
voice as touch, touch as atmosphere
can I balance on a metaphor?
all gets taken seriously/ all gets taken lightly
non-anticipatory aesthetic anti-proprietorial language non-binary poetics
to speak the experience of moving is no less moving than moving
the purpose of an instruction can be to make a space to resist the instruction
manifesto/ the artists’ book as a collaborative site of practice

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