Page 91 - Language is an Intangible Bridge
P. 91

 1. Explore the cardboard as skin, your skin as an internal organ within it.
Can you find relay systems into the world through the cardboard?
2. Reaching, reach into and beyond the cardboard, as if you could cross the world to friends in other countries quickly and easily. Invite them into your arms. Reach across the world to them
3. The architecture of cardboard is your home and your sensory apparatus. Listen and respond to the world through this home.
4. Very slowly, pull the city which is this cardboard body, in to the future which is possible and hopeful.
5. Find points of tension and resistance with the cardboard. Make this body do impossible things.
6. Your limbs are insects dwelling in and on the home body of the cardboard. They are buzzing, flitting, eating, circling.
7. Something about the sky and the roof and feeling the sound made as the cardboard moves across the top of your head.
8. Pressing weight into a barrier in a series of momentum tests – and through the barrier, beyond the barrier, become familiar with the freedom of outside from this inside.
9. Qualities of touch will write your bones and shape your skeleton. This is material poetry.
10. Falling is the only way to resolve this question.
11. Time slides across your skin, it has a temperature and a taste.
12. Falling slowly and quickly simultaneously, into and through
this existence.
13. This is not a real tide, but this is movement in magnetic, fluid surges, moved by and with and through.
14. First read the newspaper. Then enter the cardboard, then construct something with the news of this day.
15. Trace the edges and make new edges
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