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 time to go over the materials time to have a break
time to come back with questions
Gather cardboard of any shape, and some transformation tools such as knives, scissors, tape, hot glue, and other art materials
This workshop is an experiment in collaboration and co-creation across distance.
Working with cardboard as an equalizing and accessible skin, artists in the cities of Montreal, Auckland, Stockholm and Santiago will share the same provocations to experiment with touch and collaboration from geographically separated terrains.
We will take one hour to conduct experiments with cardboard, these can be at any scale from the very small to the very large.
We offer a body of provocations as a shared focus for work. We encourage you to go beyond the provocations.
These include provocations for documentation of your experiments through writing, photography and moving image.
Please upload any writing, photographs and video you are happy to share to the Language is an Intangible Bridge Drive, and pavle and alys will add them to the artist-book of the workshop.
You are also invited to make up your own provocations and share them in the Zoom Chat.
During this hour of course feel free to come and go as you please, turn your camera on and off, rest as you need, check out what others are doing, while away the time, etc.
making in part two we continue moving across the tangible-intangible bridge of the project

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