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THE SLOUGHI REVIEW                                             05

It has now been 30 years since a handful of                    Today, the Sloughi in the U.S. finds itself
enthusiasts (several of whom were also Saluki                  as a newly recognized AKC breed.
enthusiasts) succeeded in banding together                     Inevitably, with such recognition comes
to officially establish a breed club and stud                  a host of elevated concerns for a breed
book for the Sloughi in the U.S., and Sloughi                  as its exposure takes on new dimensions
Fanciers Association of America was born.                      and vulnerabilities.  It has been the
                                                               mission of SFAA since its inception to
Prior to 1988, other Sloughis had also entered                 encourage those pursuits, alliances and
the country from German, French and Dutch                      activities which help insure that the
sources, and some breeding of a few of these                   breed remains true to its heritage both
imports had also taken place.  It was the                      in physical form and its prowess as an
breeding of the Rodarty’s own Dutch import,                    athletic hound capable of performing its
Farhan of Mumtaz-I-Javanadmi, (born 1981-                      inherent functions.  To these ends we
related to their Tagiurie through Djameela) in                 should continue to focus our energies.
1986 to the French import Tounsia Kahloul de                    
la Treille (born 1982) which ultimately                        Congratulations to Sloughi Review on its
prompted the necessity and urgency of                          first issue!
forming a patron association and stud
book/registry for the breed in the U.S. to                                                   Jack McGuffin
further its interests and monitor the                                                        Wildomar, California
emerging U.S. population.  

In the decades since, in addition to providing
a wealth of breed information to the public
and creating alliances focused on breed
health and country-of-origin preservation
efforts, SFAA members have been responsible
for successfully integrating the breed into
sanctioned field and conformation
organizations and gaining further recognition
and appreciation for the breed through
outstanding performance in such arenas.  A
number of these Sloughis are being further
recognized here in this first issue of Sloughi

                                            Tagiurie el Sian 
                    First Sloughi imported to the USA

                                                   © C. Rymer
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