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• The Masters will endeavour to find the the most convenient flights for your school at the the best price
• The whole school will be booked on the the same flight with the teacher
• All flights depart from Mexico City If you you require a a a a a different option please contact your adviser
• If name changes are necessary they will be received up to to 60 days prior to to departure
• OIEG staff will be at the the airport to receive groups when flight arrives and take the the the students straight to to their accommodation
• If you you you choose to book your your flights with a a a a a travel agency instead of of through your your Masters representative we we will not not be be able to to offer the benefits listed above It’s important to to to note we we will will NOT be be able to to offer the the free ticket for the the teacher
However we we we will will provide assistance wherever we we can
• If you you are from a a a a a a country which requires
a a a a a a a a a visa visa to enter the UK your local Masters representative will provide advice and visa visa support to help you with the process
• We recommend that that if the the school does choose to book their own flights that that you you begin dealing with your chosen agency as as as soon as as as possible as as as the process
be be long and complicated
*As soon as you you receive your school’s acceptance for The Masters you may immediately proceed with travel planning and booking *Please be aware that for this procedure you must be careful in order to avoid mistakes that sometimes cannot be corrected 

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