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1 teacher travels free with the group
For a a a a a second teacher to travel free the the the group
must be comprised of of 19 19 students in the the the the case that the the the the group
is is less than 19 19 a a a a a a proportional fee will be offered to the the the second teacher The cancellation fee is is a a a a a a a a a a a mandatory payment It is is a a a a a a a a a a a guarantee for parents which allows them to to recover money they have invested in in the the the the the programme if their student cannot attend the the the trip ALL INCLUSIVE
The programme will take place during Easter 2020 and includes all of the following:
• The Masters enrolment fee • Materials and certificate of participation
• Housing in in in beautiful boarding schools
• 3 meals a a a a day in England
• Hotel and breakfast in Paris
• All ground transportation
• 100% Medical insurance
• All related taxes
• Entrance to museums
assistance card is is designed to ensure the the maximum enjoyment of the the the travel experience for both the the the students and accompanying teacher while at the the same time reassuring students’ parents and school faculty members back home Everyone can rest assured that the students and and teachers are being assisted and and supported at at all times in in the unlikely event of ANY unforeseen complications for for example with flight delays and other inconveniences The SMART STAC
assistance team will provide support to the the the traveller from day one until the the the end of the the the trip If for whatever reason complications occur upon your your return SMART STAC
is with you you you to ensure all of your your needs are met (Covers accommodation and meals for each day you are delayed) NOTE: Please ask about prices and conditions for your country

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