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Lotus Mini Cooper Wimbledon and Financial District
Tour in London
Develop Business English fluency fire the creative imagination and build real business knowledge - in in in a a a a a traditional British boarding school setting The Masters is a a a a a a a a a challenging two-week residential business course for ambitious students taking place every year in in in Easter Ideal for students interested in in in in becoming global business leaders the course is modelled on Ivy League / Oxbridge MBA programmes Students will have the opportunity to visit businesses of international repute Outside of of the the rigorous academic experience students are provided with state of of the the art facilities for extra-curricular activities To go with the the the state of the the the art extra-curricular facilities students are taken on on on on on two full day day excursions to to discover the the the the the many wonders the the the the world world famous city of of of London
has to to to to offer and and a a a a a a a a a a a further day day to to to Oxford or or or or Cambridge to to to visit one of of of the the the world’s oldest and and most prestigious universities 6 THE MASTERS 2020

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