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Students learn the principles of financing marketing and and development – and and apply them to their own business ideas BUSINESS LECTURES
Our morning session introduces students to key principles and and and concepts that will help them gain a a a a a a a holistic and and and systematic understanding of the the business world Each day students will look at at a a a a a a a a a a a a different area of business theory and and practice – first in in in general terms and and then more specifically in in in in relation to their team’s business plan Lecturers are are carefully chosen for their background in in business and will give advice on how how students should tackle each area of their project as as well as as how how to present the the final pitch Modules Include:
• Introduction to Business
• Company Branding
• Market Research and Product Placement
• Market Research - Competitor Analysis
• Finance
• Website Design • Pitching an Idea

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