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      Experience Working Near Railways

      Our experience adjacent to operational railways
      CGL has worked on major rail projects and associated infrastructure for well over a decade.  As a pragmatically oriented
      consultant, CGL brings experience of complex ground movement studies, interpretation of ground models, plus value
      engineering of foundations and support for existing infrastructure and structures, to facilitate construction and maintain
      serviceability in such projects.  Through its work in the energy sector, CGL has considerable experience of extensive linear
      cross-country ground investigations, plus the challenges that they present for access. CGL brings this experience with
      knowledge of the buildability of tracks for plant to remote sites to meet such challenges.

      Through an associated and experienced specialist consultant CGL can also provide advice on the rail asset interfaces for
      CEM/CRE when required, providing input at all stages of the GRIP process.

      Some of the more relevant projects which CGL have completed in the rail sector are summarised below.

      Ground investigations
      Brief description:
      Between 2006 and 2008 CGL supervised the
      geoenvironmental investigations for the line east of
      Tottenham Court Road on behalf of CrossRail and working
      alongside co-consultants GCG.  These comprised a number
      of separate contracts in dense urban surroundings with both
      access and utility challenges to be overcome.

       Ÿ  Environmental sampling supervision
       Ÿ  Ground model development
       Ÿ  Interpretative reporting
       Ÿ  Risk assessment
                                                                                Barge mounted rig investigation Canary Wharf

      Support for rail infrastructure
      Brief description:

      CGL have supported contractor, Volker Fitzpatrick on a
      number of rail depot reconstructions.  These have included
      sites in Ramsgate, Ashford, Hornsey and IEP Doncaster.
      Support for the contractor included:
        Ÿ  Site investigation works
        Ÿ  Geotechnical and geoenvironmental reporting
        Ÿ  Earthworks supervision
        Ÿ  Remediation methodology and materials management
        Ÿ  Verification reporting

      CGL have also supported contractor Osborne on the
                                                                                                    Ramsgate rail depot
      investigation for the extension of the Wimbledon Traincare

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