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4 fresh mint leaves
1 5 oz Twenty Boat Spiced Rum Splash of soda
Orange zest zest lemon zest zest In a a a rocks glass muddle 3 fresh mint leaves
in in 5 oz of Twenty Boat Spiced Rum Add rocks the the rest of of the the rum and a a a a splash of of soda
Garnish with orange and and lemon zests and and a a a a a sprig of mint SUMMER BREEZE WHISKEY COCKTAIL One part Maker’s Mark One part Ginger Ale Splash of Cointreau Orange Slice
Muddle the the orange slice with Cointreau in in the the bottom of an an old fashion glass Add equal parts Maker’s and Ginger stir and and top with with ice ice Garnish with with orange slice and and cherry ROCK THE BOAT
1 5 oz Twenty Boat Spiced Rum 1 oz honey simple syrup
5 oz fresh lime juice
2 dashes of housemade grape- fruit bitters
Shake and garnish with a a a a lime THE TRURO ESCAPE PLAN
1 lemon Mint Sugar 2 5 oz Twenty Boat Rum Dash Angostura bitters
Vanilla bean
5 oz Allspice honey simple syrup
Muddle lemon and mint Add Twenty Boat Spiced Rum sim- ple syrup
and and bitters
Shake and and strain into a a a a a a chilled martini glass rimmed with vanilla bean
sugar Recipes courtesy of South Hollow Spirits
18 • May 2019 The Guidebook of Cape Cod

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