Page 150 - Diamond Pistons
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Ceramic Crown Coating
Moly Skirt Coating
Hard Anodized Coating
• Provides a thermal barrier and prevents heat soaking into the crown of the piston.
• Allows piston be ran at high cylinder pressures and temperatures
• Recommended for Small/Medium Boost & Nitrous applications
• Reduces friction
• Reduces the chance of scuf ng on dry start ups
• Prevents premature skirt wear
• Recommended for any performance application – NA or Power Adder
• Provides a thermal barrier and increases both corrosion-resistance and wear- resistance
• Deters piston rings from micro-welding themselves to the ring grooves
• Resists high cylinder temperatures and pressures and allows for a larger tuning
• Prevents head soaking through entire piston
• Recommended for Large Boost & Nitrous applications
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