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identity and find a a a new normality Find ways to to remember the life of your loved one daily You do
not have to to to say goodbye It is important to to acknowledge the change in in your relationship You do
not stop loving someone just because they have died You can still maintain a a a a a a a a a a a a a relationship in in in your heart They are are are a a a a a a a a a a a a a part of who who you you you are are are and who who you you you are are are becoming Reach out to others Learn to to ask for what you need Your family and friends want to to to help so let them know how Turn to to people you can trust for for for support and for for for information Find people who will listen when you want to to talk Leave the the the scrapbook or photo album out on the the the coffee table so others can remember and share memories with you You may want to to talk to to others who are grieving consider joining a a a a a a support group group Most groups are listed by subject in the phone directory or or through churches newspapers hospitals local health and social service agencies the Chamber of Commerce or your local funeral home You You can learn and grow in common yet different experiences You You do
not have have to travel this journey alone Life can have have meaning again FAQs
What purpose does a a a funeral serve?
It provides the family and and friends with a a a a a a a caring and and and supportive environment in in in which to share thoughts and and feelings about the the the death The funeral becomes the the the first important step in in the the the healing process What do
funeral directors do?
They are the the the pillars that support the the the survivors during one of their most difficult journeys through life They care care for for the the the family and and safeguard and and care care for for the the the deceased person They fulfill the the the the wishes of the the the the family by guiding them through and fulfilling the the the funeral funeral arrangements The funeral funeral director is trained in in in in embalming and restorative procedures required by by a a a a a a a a a funeral home for traditional open casket viewing by by family and and friends They arrange and and provide an an an an orderly

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