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series of of events culminating with the final disposition of of burial entombment or or cremation The funeral director’s responsibility of properly filing the death certificate in in in order to receive permission for final disposition is is is the the the first step which allows the the the family to to begin the the the process of settling estate matters The director will advise the the family as to to to the the number of certified death certificates needed to to begin the the process as as well as as advising them on on potential issues to be be addressed shortly after the the final disposition Who can make funeral arrangements?
In most cases it is the the the closest next of kin kin making the the the the arrangements On other occasions the the the executor or or executrix of a a a a a a will will is responsible An agent having been appointed by the the the deceased will will supersede all others and make the the the funeral arrangements The agent having been instructed by by the the the deceased deceased in in in the the the form of a a a a a a a legal document signed by by the the the deceased deceased and and witnessed in accordance with Public Health Laws will will fulfill the the the wishes and and will will coordinate with the the the the funeral director the the the the arrangements set forth in in in the the the the document The person signing the the the contract becomes responsible for payment of the the funeral services provided Funeral Agent
Often individuals find themselves in in in situations where they have either out lived all of their relatives are are estranged from living family members or are are sure that those relatives remaining will not abide by their their final wishes Since these individuals are are not able to authorize their their own cremation or or ground burial what are are they able to do?
In New Jersey individuals have the right to appoint a a a a a a a a a funeral agent agent Once named these “agents” have the the the supreme right to arrange for the the the disposition of an an individual’s remains The funeral agent’s right right to control supersedes the the rights of all others including spouses civil union and and domestic partners children parents and and siblings (Those traditionally within the right to control hierarchy )
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