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Kindness Rock Garden
According to the website Wikipedi, the Kindness Rock Project was started by Megan Murphy in 2015 who wrote “You’ve got this” on a rock and left it on a beach on Cape Cod. After a friend found it, she started leaving more rocks with inspirational messages behind.
Through social media, this simple act has now become a worldwide phenomenon! When someone  nds a painted rock, they often post a picture sharing the excitement with friends. Sometimes they keep it and sometimes they place it in a new location for others to  nd. Painting rocks is an inexpensive but creative hobby. The good feelings are often just as prevalent in the act of painting and placing rocks as it is in  nding one. The synchronicity of  nding a rock with the right message at the right moment is absolutely priceless.
Volunteers and staff at the Universal City Public Library are joining the effort by creating a “Kindness Rock Garden”. There are several across the San Antonio Area and they provide a place for community members to  nd the perfect
rock for themselves or for a friend. Creative folks can leave painted rocks for others to discover. Even if you have not painted a rock, can still take a rock from the garden to move to a special place for another person to  nd.
The Universal City Library is hosting several rock painting events and will feature a “How to Paint Kindness Rocks” display in the entry of the library the week of June 18th.
Young@Hearts Adult Rock Painting – Supplies provided – Thursday June 13, 2019 from 1pm to 3pm
Family Rock Painting Sessions – Supplies provided – Saturday June 15, 2019 from 12pm to 3pm
(Please sign up to participate in one of three 1hr sessions)
The Universal City Kindness Rock Garden will be ready for visitors on International Drop a Rock Day, Wednesday July 3, 2019. Patrons are invited to paint rocks and visit which will help spread kindness throughout the Universal City community.
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