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Universal City Parks (Continued from page 7)
members of the Armed Forces. Play in the open area or take a hike along Cibolo Creek on the trail which connects to Universal City Park. Future plans for the park include picnic tables and pavilions. Benches and paving stones are available to honor your military hero. Contact the Veterans Park committee for information. Veterans Park is located at 737 E. Aviation by Cibolo Creek.
MEADOW OAKS PARK at 51 Meadowland Dr. is a one- acre park consisting of a playground, lighted picnic area and a basketball court.
DISC GOLF COURSE is located at Universal City Park and runs along Cibolo Creek. Installed in 2001 with the assistance of the Alamo City Disc Golf Club, the course challenges all level of players with diverse types of terrain and settings.
CIMARRON CLUBHOUSE is 1,200 sq. ft. and has a kitchen, restrooms, 10 aluminum folding tables and 60 chairs. The clubhouse has a playground and parking lot with a 15-car capacity. Cimarron Clubhouse is located at 368 Wagon Crossing.
Stormwater is water that runs off private property from construction, car washing, lawn watering, and even rainwater that ends up in drain inlets throughout the City. Stormwater itself is not harmful, but the pesticides and fertilizers from lawns, roadway motor oil, and trash and yard debris are all potentially harmful to our environment.
Storm water that is polluted can harm  sh, wildlife, plants and the natural environment we enjoy. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) mandates that all State and municipalities have programs in place to advise the public
of the hazards of yard waste and to assemble  nes for placing or blowing yard waste into the streets and water ways.
Yard waste washed into storm drains contributes heavily to street  ooding and blocks drain inlets, potentially clogging underground storm drain pipes. All water runoff typically ends up in nearby waterways and creeks. Homeowners or their respective lawn maintenance personnel should never blow grass clippings, leaves, or other yard debris into the street area. Rather, yard clippings and waste should be mulched into your yard area or bagged and placed for trash pickup. Thank you in advance for keeping the City streets and drains clear of yard debris and for assisting in the protection of the environment.
June/July 2019
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