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         Executive                 Executive                           Notepad
         Note       Executive      Log                                 RM
                    Bookmark Strap
          RM 26     & Pen Loop O 100   RM 38  Available in 5 Colours with   2. /ea  Size: 8”x5”  O
                                                                                  Available in 4
                                             Stained edges O Soft PU O
                    Sheets A5 Size O
                    PU Fabric Hard
                    Case                     Twin Ribbon Markers                  different design

                                                                                                                         Ground Floor, Rumah Universiti,
                                                                                                                         Universiti Malaya Kuala Lumpur
                                                                                                                                 Tel: 03 7967 5945

          Pen                   Pen+Stylus  Aluminium   Metal Pen            3 in 1 Plastic Pen
          RM    80   Plastic Body O   RM 9 .00  Body O Nib Size   RM 7 .00  Aluminium   RM 3 .60  Ink: Red,
                                                                  Body O Nib
                                                                                        Blue & Black
                     Nib Size 1.0mm O
                                           1.0mm O Black
            2. /ea   Black Ink O Touch     Ink O Touch            Size 1.0mm            O Nib Size
                                                                  O Black Ink
                     Screen Stylus
                                           Screen Stylus

             Gel Pen Metal Body
                8       Body    RM 12     Wire-O O                           RM 1. 50                                       Lot Retail 3, Ground Floor
              RM   .00  Aluminium   Notebook                              Wrapping Paper

                                          A5 Size
                                                                               size: 22x33inch                                  Bangunan Plaza,
                                                                                                                 Universiti Malaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur

         Zipper                                              Translucent
         Pouch                      Ribbon                   Folder
           RM 15   Size: 21.5x11cm O  RM 2 .00  Size: 20mm x 1m  RM  7 /ea  A4 Size  O
                                                                        Available in 4
                   PU Leather
                                                                                                           Publishing  Editorial  Professional  Design   Retail Books &
                                                                                                                     Services  Printing Services  Services  Merchandise

                                                                                                                   Also available at
           Magnetic               Monopoly
           Bookmark               Limited Editon
          RM    00   Featuring    RM 288
                     Exhibits from
            5. /ea   the Museum of
                     Asian Arts
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