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 Tobacco and Vaping Possession/Use​ ​Board Policy 222​ and ​Board Policy 222.1
The Board recognizes that tobacco use by students presents a health and safety hazard that can have serious consequences for both the tobacco user and the non-tobacco user, and the safety and environment of the schools. For more information please review the ​Code of Conduct​ by clicking the link provided.
Emergency Operation Plan (EOP)
The emergency response plan will be implemented if a situation presents an immediate and obvious danger to the students and staff of the high school. Various emergency response actions will be employed depending on the nature and urgency of the situation.
During an emergency response situation,​ ​parents will not be allowed to enter the building until permission is granted by the administration.
Evacuation and Fire Drill Instructions
The State Fire and Panic Act requires all schools to conduct evacuation drills in the interest of public safety. These drills are conducted at random in accordance with this state act. When the fire alarm sounds, all work should stop immediately. Students will follow the instructions for the room they are in at the time of the drill. Actual fire conditions shall prevail and students are to leave the building dressed as they are without stopping to get clothing from lockers. No person is to remain in the building during an evacuation​.
False Fire Alarms
The activation of the fire alarm for anything other than its intended purpose -- emergency evacuation of the building -- is a serious violation and will result in an immediate out-of-school suspension, charges filed with the police, and a hearing with administration for further disciplinary action up to expulsion.
Activity Fee
There is no activity fee set for the 2019-2020 school year.
Plum is a member of District VII, WPIAL, of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA), and its athletic program adheres to the rules and regulations for both organizations. Presented herewith are selected rules and regulations of the PIAA and the Plum School District.
Athletic Equipment
Every student participating in interscholastic athletics will receive the proper equipment to provide for his or her health and the prevention of injuries. The equipment is to be returned at the end of each sport season. If an athlete fails to return equipment, he/she will be held financially responsible.
Club Sports​ are not WPIAL sanctioned and are not officially sponsored or funded through the athletic department. Students are however, eligible for Varsity Letters, and follow the same eligibility requirements as the interscholastic athletic programs at the high school.
Club sports include:
Ice Hockey​ – November – February Bowling​ – December – March
Slow Pitch Softball​ – August - November
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