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 End of Day Dismissal
Students are to leave the building promptly at dismissal time. No pupil may be in the building after 2:20 p.m. unless under teacher supervision. All practice sessions must be faculty supervised. Only students who are scheduled for evening activities under a teacher’s supervision will be allowed in the school after dismissal time. Hallway access doors will be promptly locked at ​2:55​pm.
Hall Passes
Permission to leave a classroom is granted only when a student has secured a hall pass from his/her assigned teacher. It is the strict responsibility of the student to obtain the hall pass before leaving the classroom. Failure to do so will result in detention, and repeat offenses will result in more severe disciplinary action.
The faculty and administration recognize the need for students to prepare for class each day. Those students who carry four or more academic classes should expect two hours of homework each night. The exceptions to this rule are self-contained classrooms and most ​support courses. There will be occasions when homework may not be assigned.
Students who have study halls will have the opportunity to complete some of their homework during the school day. If a student is absent for more than three consecutive days, upon request from a student or parent, homework for the student will be requested of the teachers by the Guidance administrative assistant. The student or parent request must be made prior to 10:00 a.m. in order for homework to be gathered by the end of that day.
Library and Digital Media
Passes to the library must be obtained with approval from the librarian, PRIOR to the period during which the resources are to be utilized.
Textbooks​ ​Board Policy 224
It shall be the responsibility of every student to maintain his/her textbook in the condition in which it is received.
DISCIPLINE ​Board Policy 218
The Board acknowledges that student conduct is closely related to learning. An effective educational program requires a safe and orderly school environment, and the effectiveness of the instructional program is, in part, reflected in the behavior of students. The Board shall require each student to adhere to Board policies and the rules and regulations promulgated by the administration and to submit to disciplinary measures appropriately assigned for infractions of those rules. For more information please review the ​Code of Conduct​ by clicking the link provided.
Bullying/Cyberbullying​ ​Board Policy 249
The Plum Borough School District is committed to providing a safe, positive learning environment for district students. We recognize that bullying creates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation, detracts from the safe environment necessary for student learning, and may lead to more serious violence. Therefore, we prohibit bullying by district students. For more information please review the ​Code of Conduct​ by clicking the link provided.
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