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Plum Senior High School will provide a climate that promotes the wellbeing of the individual, positive exchange between students and teachers, and development of values consistent with ethical behavior. The faculty and administration will impress upon students the necessity for active participation in a democratic society as self-reliant, contributing members, and provide the basic skills to serve intellectual, vocational, and avocational needs relative to their roles within an ever-changing society.
Students are recognized as having individual needs and will be guided in seeking full realization of their potential. We recognize the need to educate, identify, and intervene to provide for the needs of at-risk students. We will provide personnel and facilities to develop a healthy environment, to stimulate exposure in a variety of academic, cultural, and social areas, to provide experiences in the decision-making processes, and to encourage utilization of community resources. We will endeavor to prepare students to recognize their capabilities, to strengthen their weaknesses, and to provide standards by which they can assess their own worth. The community, administration, faculty, parents, and students will join in a partnership sharing resources, responsibility, and accountability in the pursuit of educational excellence.
To implement our philosophy, we seek to provide models, experiences, curricula, and opportunities that will enable students to:
1. Communicate effectively.
2. Understand, develop, and demonstrate the principles of responsible citizenship that will enable
them to work within the framework of a democratic society.
3. Develop a cooperative attitude toward society that will enable them to recognize and appreciate
its multicultural and multiracial heritage.
4. Understand the history of their nation and its role in a world of varied cultures and
5. Cultivate a positive attitude that will enable them to recognize, accept, and appreciate their and
others’ potentials and limitations.
6. Understand and appreciate the values of society before modifying those values.
7. Acquire the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to secure and maintain employment in a
highly competitive job market.
8. Acquire appreciation, knowledge, and skills in the arts and humanities, science, and
9. Formulate habits that contribute to optimal physical fitness and mental health.
10. Acquire attitudes and knowledge that reflect respect for our environment and limited
natural resources.
11. Recognize that learning is a lifelong process and does not end with their formal
12. Apply analytical thinking to the decision-making process.
13. Acquire knowledge and skills that will allow them to adapt to technological
14. Develop the skills and attitudes necessary for personal growth and family living.
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