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ATTENDANCE ​Board Policy 204
The school will be proactive and will work with students and families to ensure that students attend school. The school district will notify the parent/guardian of their child’s absences initially via
PLUM CONNECT​. For more information please review the ​Code of Conduct​ by clicking the link provided.
Absences due to bus problems
Absences due to bus problem are recorded as legal excuses with a parental excuse stating the particulars of the situation and or verification from the Transportation Department. Building principals will approve or deny requests.
Parent Portal
The ​Parent Portal​ is an online progress-reporting system in which student grades and attendance can be accessed at any time. Usernames and passwords do not change from year to year. There is one username and password per family. Families who are new to the district will receive their username and password during the registration process. Difficulties with use of the system should be directed to the main office. Parents may only access records of their own children, as confidentiality is of utmost importance. Parents are highly encouraged to monitor progress on a regular basis. Questions or concerns can be directed to the attendance office, classroom teachers, and guidance counselors. The Parent Portal has replaced paper progress reports previously issued at the midpoint of each marking period. Any parents unable to access the portal may request progress reports through the guidance office.
Unlawful Absences and Missed Work
Students will receive a “0” for any work missed during an unlawful absence. This includes but is not limited to tests, quizzes, classwork, homework, and labs. For more information please review the ​Code of Conduct​ by clicking the link provided.
Daily Exercises
Each student shall be requested to salute the flag and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, during each day’s morning announcements. If a student has conscientious objections, which interfere with full participation in the flag salute or Pledge of Allegiance, said student shall maintain a respectful attitude throughout the ceremony. Parents of students refusing to salute the flag shall be informed by the building principal, and the parents shall be required to furnish the school administration with a written statement of their child’s conscientious objection.
Food and Drinks
Students will be permitted to have food and drinks with them during the school day as long as they are in closed, sealable containers and packages. Students wanting to purchase food or drink during the day during a time other than breakfast or their own lunch period will be limited to purchasing drinks from the vending machines. ​Students may not enter the cafeteria during lunch periods other than their assigned lunch period to purchase food or beverages from the extras line.​ Each individual teacher has the right to prohibit students from consuming food or beverages during their particular class. Students are responsible for properly disposing of all associated garbage.
Food Services
For more information about the ​Food Services Department ​please click the link provided.
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