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Class Rank
Official class rank is not calculated or reported on transcripts. Percentage and numeric rank estimates are available through the guidance department at the request of post-secondary institutions and scholarship organizations.
College Fair
In September, during open house, the guidance office will host a College Fair in the cafeteria. This fair is open to all students and parents. The national College Fair, usually held in Pittsburgh at the Convention Center during the second semester, is also available to our students. This event will be considered an excused absence for those students who choose to attend, but no transportation will be provided by the school district.
The tentative date of the ceremony will be set finalized and announced in mid April. This date is subject to change if days are added to the district calendar. NOTE: A rain date may be in effect in the event the ceremony cannot be conducted on the scheduled date. If it becomes necessary to conduct an indoor ceremony, graduates will receive tickets.
In October, seniors will receive cards for recording their names as they wish to have them appear on their diplomas. The cards must be signed by a parent, and when completed, should be returned to the main office no later than November 15th.​ ​ In March, seniors place orders for their caps and gowns during lunch periods. Students absent on that day may pick up order forms in the office. A late charge of ten dollars is assessed for late orders as specified on the order forms. The ordering of senior commencement announcements, name cards, and other materials occurs in late February. It is important that the order is processed within the designated date as extra announcement cards are not stocked by the school. Graduates receiving special recognition at commencement are those who have maintained a quality point average (QPA) of 3.25 or higher for grades nine, ten, eleven, and twelve.
Four levels of academic achievement are recognized​:
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4.00 and above QPA
3.75 and above QPA 3.25-3.74 QPA
Listed in program as having achieved academic excellence and lead the roll call procession. Receives medallion and high honor cord.
Designated as High Honors and receives a high honor cord.
Designated as Honors and receives an honor cord.
  Seniors are not required to participate in the graduation ceremony. Students who do participate in the commencement program are obligated to take part in the practices for the event, and to accept the rules of conduct and dress that is appropriate for the ceremony.
*Commencement speakers will be the Outstanding Male and Female Seniors selected according to the Outstanding Senior Award process detailed on page 44.
Computing the Final Grade
I. Year Course - The final course grade is recorded as a letter grade by the following weights:
➢ Each of four nine-week reporting periods = 20% (80% total) ➢ Mid Term Examinations = 10%
➢ Final Examinations = 10%
This average is then converted into its letter grade equivalent.
II. Semester Course - The same procedure as with a full year course with the exception that the total weight of the two reporting periods and the semester exam are doubled.
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