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Early College Admission
Students may attend approved colleges on a full-time basis in lieu of their senior year based upon the following:
I. The student is accepted to an accredited college or university.
II. The student is enrolled in a planned course of study that will lead to an associate or
Bachelor’s degree; and
III. Completion of the first year’s course satisfies the district’s graduation requirements.
Failed Courses
Failed courses retaken at a certified school or institution and approved by the administration are recorded on the individual’s transcript when passed. These class grades will replace the previously failed classes on the transcript. Courses passed with a final grade of C or D may be repeated with administrative approval. When the student completes a 120-hour course, the highest course grade will be recorded.
The lower course grade will not appear on the student’s records. When failed courses are retaken at a remedial level or the same level either at Plum or at some other certified institution other than Plum, both grades, original and second, are computed in the rank. When failed courses are retaken at the collegiate level, they will replace the course upon guidance receipt of a college transcript.
Financial Aid
The Guidance office will host a financial aid presentation. The date will be listed on the district calendar.
Grade Status/Requirements
➢ 9- Four credits earned in grade eight. Three of the four credits must be in the mandated subject
courses of English, History, Math, or Science.
➢ 10 - Four credits earned in grade nine of which three of the four credits must be in the mandated
subject courses of English, History, Math or Science.
➢ 11 - A total of 11 credits earned in grades nine and ten.
➢ 12 - Students must be in a position to satisfy all graduation requirements during the course of the
regular school year.
*Advancement to the next grade level is determined by earned credits and passed mandated courses.
Grading Scale and Policy
Nine-week reporting periods and semester exams are graded on a percentage basis.
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     Percentage Letter Grade
90-100 A 80-89 B 70-79 C 60-69 D 0-59 F
Quality Points
4 3 2 1 0
Above Average Average
Below Average Failure Withdrew Failing Incomplete
Academic Accountability – 50% PROCEDURE
All students will receive the grade they earn for any nine-week period. If a student earns below 50%, he/she will receive the grade earned. In order to raise the grade to a 50%, the student must earn a passing grade in the following nine weeks. During the fourth nine-week grading period the student will receive the grade he/she earns.
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