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term papers, book reports, programs and projects not submitted and/or a student makes an obvious effort not to participate. Otherwise, a 51% must be recorded regardless of the student's true average. A grade lower than a 51% requires guidance administrative approval. Parents should monitor progress on a regular basis. Questions or concerns can be directed to the classroom teachers, and guidance counselors.
NOTE: ​The grading scale will not apply when indications are that the student, once realizing a passing grade for the course, curtails his effort in the course to a less than satisfactory level. Such cases will be referred to the office of the principal for review, who will then decide if the student will receive a passing grade and credit for the course. If a student does not meet the requirements of a course (term papers, book reports, special class projects), he will fail regardless of his grade.
Computing the Final Grade:
Year Course
The final course grade is recorded as a letter grade by totaling the four reporting periods and the average of the two semester exams and dividing by five. This average is then converted into a letter grade equivalent.
Trimester Course
The same procedure as with a full year course with the exception that the total of the two reporting periods and the semester exam are totaled and divided by two and a half. The first trimester grade will not post on the report card until the 2nd nine week grades are posted.
Honor Roll
To receive this recognition, students must achieve a 3.0 average or higher, with no grade lower than a C recorded for any course during the report period. A 3.6 grade ratio or better will place a student on the high honor roll.
1. Keep hallways open to traffic by walking to the right. Do not block traffic by standing in groups. Students are to move to their assigned class.
2. Pass through hallways quietly. Be considerate of others in the halls and classrooms.
3. Discard trash in the containers provided. Keep the school clean by picking up paper from the floors.
4. Students are not permitted in the hallways or at their lockers during class time
unless carrying a pass signed by their teacher.
5. No public display of affection.
A student must have a hall pass, signed by a teacher or administrator, when he/she is in the halls during the assigned period.
For more information regarding Health and Nursing Services see webpage ​here.​ To visit the School Nurse, students are to gain permission and a pass from a staff member.
HOMEWORK:​ ​Policy 130
The purpose of homework assignments should be to: provide practice and reinforcement of skills presented by the teacher, broaden areas of interest through enrichment, provide opportunities for parents/guardians to know what their child is studying, and to encourage parent/guardian and child interaction. Each student shall be responsible for completing homework assignments as directed.
Academic Awards Night
The Junior High School will host an academic awards night in the spring of the year for students who earn a 4.0 grade average through the third grading period or has attained academic excellence in one of the Unified Arts courses. All classes are used to calculate the average and are based on a 4 point grading scale.
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