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The administration and staff cannot approve of any profanity in or around the school. Disciplinary action will be taken when any student is caught using profanity. Repeated misconduct of this nature will lead to in-school suspension or temporary out-of-school suspension. Any profanity directed at a staff member or administrator will result in a temporary out-of-school suspension.
Counseling service is available to all students. Many student problems, concerning both the student's school and personal life, can be helped by counseling with a competent person. The school counselor or the student's teacher will be happy to try to help him with any of these problems. Counseling appointments can be made by requesting a pass from the teacher, the office personnel, or the school counselor.
All dances are exclusively for students who attend Oblock Junior High. Dances are held on Friday nights from ​7:00 - 9:00 p.m​. and are listed on the school calendar. Any parent picking up a son/daughter should plan on arriving at ​8:45 p.m.​, as the dance will promptly end at 9:00 p.m. Students must be present in school the day of a dance in order to attend the dance. Discussion often arises as to what is appropriate to wear to a school dance. As a general rule, students should follow the dress code as written in the ​Student Code of Conduct​. However, some exceptions may be made depending on the theme of the dance. Guidelines were established through a discussion with the members of Student Council, the PTSA, and the Administration. Please review these with your child before each dance.
● Costumes for the Fall Harvest Dance must have an appropriate theme
● Shoes must be worn at all times
● No tube tops or muscle shirts
● Appropriate undergarments must be worn (none showing)
● No bare midriffs
● Dress or shirt with thin straps is acceptable
● No backless attire (at least half of the back must be covered)
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       Class Tardiness:
If a student is tardy from class they will be expected to enter with a late pass from either the front office, administrator, teacher or the nurse. If a student arrives without a pass the discipline matrix will be followed.
School Tardiness:
Students not in their first period class when the 8:10 bell rings will be considered tardy. Any student entering the building after 8:10 a.m. must be signed in by a parent or guardian. Excused tardies include: ​doctor's excuse, illness, religious reasons, and car problems.​
Under the district’s revised Attendance Policy, ​students who arrive after 11:33 a.m. will be considered absent for the day.​ Students are required to be in attendance for 203 minutes to be counted as present.
Students will not be called to the office for personal phone calls; in case of emergencies, the message will be relayed to the student. Student use of the school telephone will be permissible for educational or health related reasons only.
A soft drink vending machine will be available to students after 3:00 p.m. It is recommended that soft drinks be consumed in the immediate area of the vending machine. They are not permitted in any classrooms in the building.
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