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VISITORS: ​Board Policy 907
If you need to speak to one of your child's teachers, principals, or school administrators please email or call the school
and leave them a message. Voicemail extensions and email addresses can be obtained under the Contact tab of the PBSD home webpage. *An appointment will need to be made in order to enter the building. You may only enter through the main school entrance by being buzzed in and proceeding into the office. If you will be entering the school, please bring a valid state-issued driver's license with you. Your license will need to be scanned through our Raptor system before you can be issued a visitor's badge. For student pick-ups and drop-offs during school hours, buzz the front door to speak with the administrative assistant. You will be permitted in the vestibule to sign your student in or out.
       District Information
 CONFIDENTIALITY:​ ​Board Policy 216
In order to insure the rights and privacy of both parents and students, the Plum Borough School district's policy has incorporated provisions from the Regulations of the State Board of Education of Pupil Records adopted July 12, 1974, and amended July 15, 1977; the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974; the Confidentiality Section of P.L. 94-142; and the Confidentiality Standards for Special Education, Pennsylvania School Code, Title 22, Chapter 341.
The district's policy on student records which is in compliance with the Pennsylvania State Board of Education's regulations and with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 guarantees the following rights to parents:
1) To review, inspect and obtain a copy of the educational records.
2) To challenge the content of the records.
3) To file complaints with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Office, Department of Health,
Education and Welfare, 330 Independence Avenue, S.W., Washington, DC 20201.
If you wish to examine the records, contact the principal or school counselor.
In order for the school administration to perform the fundamental duty of operating this school as an educational institution, the administration retains the right to inspect on regular basis student lockers for tobacco, illegal drugs and alcohol. This right extends to inspecting vehicles parked on the school grounds. The Plum Borough School District retains jurisdiction, control and access over all student lockers and maintains a confidential file of all lockers and the combinations thereof.
The Plum Borough School District also reserves the right to have trained narcotic dogs sniff student lockers and all cars parked on the school district property regularly and at any time, whether the student is present or not, for tobacco, illegal drugs and alcohol. If, as a result of a canine sniff of a locker or car, the Plum Borough School District has reasonable cause to suspect the presence of tobacco, illegal drugs or alcohol, the locker or car in question may be searched for the same.
Tampering, vandalism, or unauthorized use of Plum Borough School District computers or other electronic equipment (tablets, laptops, printers, cabling, drives, monitors, keyboards, mice, televisions​,​ etc.) or software or associated documentation is prohibited. Violations of this policy by students or adults may also constitute violations of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code or other statutes, subjecting violators to serious criminal prosecution.​ ​This policy is intended to be as broad and encompassing as Section 3933 of the Crimes Code (as of January 1995).
Student violators will be subject to discipline including suspension and possible expulsion. All violators will be held responsible for restitution of any damage to hardware, equipment, software, and documentation, and for any direct consequential damages.
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