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Student of the Year: Denise McGrath
I stumbled into the logistics industry in September 2012 having just graduated with a degree in Social Science and Social Care. At the time, most of social care work was through agencies so there was no consistency in employment.
I was lucky enough to get an interview for a logistics company. I promised them all the skills that were required on the job spec and got the job and off I went with absolutely no knowledge of freight. Since then I have not looked back once.
Over the years I built up my knowledge in logistics but two years ago I decided it was time to go back to college and learn the theory behind this practice, so I decided I’m going to do a degree in Logistics and Supply Chain.
I applied for a place on the Diploma programme with CILT and I must say I really enjoyed all the modules. I felt the lecturers were very good and gave plenty of group participation and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing other people’s experience in Supply Chain. My background is logistics, so this course helped me understand the other side of the industry / supply chain. The workload is very manageable, and the lecturers always assured us they were there to help us or answer any of our queries on the course work. I’m hoping this course will help me with future
positions as I move up the career ladder. I would recommend anyone to go back to further their education, it was worth all the hard work.
  Hannah Walsh, Student of the Year
Having spent 15 years working within Supply Chain and more recently with a large logistics company, I needed a course that would take my skill set to the next level through a formal accreditation yet at the same time acknowledge my years of experience and practical knowledge. The Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management met all my requirements which I finished in May 2019. The course run on a Saturday over two years was convenient and easy to shape around my working week. Getting the timetable ahead of starting helped me balance my young family and work life in general.
Each module is delivered by a lecturer who has worked within the industry, all of which are very approachable and are there to advise. With their and my classmates experience (also from a vast array of industries) it added to my learnings. Assignments are a large part of the course and I found them a great way to develop my critical thinking, knowledge and improve my research skills. There is adequate time given for submission of assignments and feedback / grading is given after corrections. I found to get the most out of the course it is important to timetable out study / reading time throughout the week (10 hours average), my time was at night when the house was quiet!
I found all modules had relevance to the logistics, supply chain, and transport industries, so it incorporated well into my work life experience. The knowledge I acquired has been
invaluable and transferrable to my job. It has given me confidence in my career and look forward to commencing the Degree course next year in 2020/21.
  The CharTered InsTITuTe of LogIsTICs & TransporT 33

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