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 CILT Southern Section Visit to Liebherr
Container Cranes Killarney
Monday 28 May
On Monday 28 May the Southern Section along with colleagues from further afield attended the visit to the Liebherr Container Cranes facility in Killarney, County
Kerry. The 42 members and stakeholders of CILT were greeted by Jerry Flynn, Senior Executive Training Consultant who gave a short presentation at the beginning of the tour. Jerry explained that the attendees would be divided into three smaller groups to facilitate a tour. Jerry would lead one tour himself with his colleagues; Alex Willms and Robert Lucey, both Design Engineers.
The tour comes as Liebherr Container Cranes celebrates 60 years in business as it opened its doors in Killarney in 1958  The facility in Killarney is solely for manufacturing container port handling equipment in the form of STS cranes, RTG cranes, RMG cranes and the design aspect of the straddle carrier business  Due to the nature of the work the company has a direct link to what CILT represents 
This 60 year anniversary is the perfect time to tour the operations plant and to highlight the huge impact Liebherr as an employer has on Killarney, the surrounding areas, and subcontractors  In the last number of years, the investment in plant and facilities has been great  Liebherr work very closely with the Institute of Technology in Tralee and the surrounding schools to provide scholarship programmes to students interested in going into engineering roles  This guarantees students hands on experience during their down time from college and ensures that they not only have the qualifications but also the experience sought by prospective employers after they complete their third level qualifications 
During the tour members had the opportunity to see many areas of the plant such as; the cutting and preparation, steel
construction, lattice structure, and final assembly  All attendees could openly ask questions to their knowledgeable tour guides who gave a fascinating tour over the two hours  Following the completion of the tour refreshments were served in the Great Southern Hotel Killarney  A note of thanks was given by Vice President GrĂ¡inne Lynch with presentations given to the three tour guides of an engraved Cross Pen by Helena Cullinane 
Many thanks to the Southern Section for organising this insightful visit and to Liebherr for having CILT members attend  Also, to welcoming our stakeholders; members from the Institute of Road Transport Engineers, the Society of Auto Assessors and Collision Investigators, and staff from the Marine Engineering Faculty in NMCI Cork to your facility 
Special thanks for Helena Cullinane Council Member for the Southern Section and Purchasing Officer at Liebherr for her hard work in organising the day 
All photography in this article by Konrad Paprocki
  CILT Southern Section Visit to Liebherr Container Cranes Killarney
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