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 Howth National Transport Museum Trip Thursday 12 July
The Eastern Section of CILT visited the much loved Transport Museum in Howth on Thursday 12 July  Many members will have remembered visiting here on a school tour from some
years ago  We were delighted to have the museum available to the group  Many thanks to John Kelleher for his tour of the facilities 
                      Paul Farrelly Transport Ltd
42 Sandfield Gardens, Blackrock Dundalk, Co. Louth
T: 042 932 3834
M: 086 264 9295
 Inspection of the Big Red Fire Truck
These are the photos of the Howth trip.
Trying to  nd the name of the tour guide at the moment!
 The youngest member of CILT YPs trying out the transport on o er in the museum
  32 The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport

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