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Refurbishment of CILT Offices
 During the summer this year the offices of CILT at One Fitzwilliam Place were refurbished following consultation with staff and stakeholders. Staff members moved temporarily for the six weeks over June and July while work was being completed.
The new offices reflect a modern, contemporary and professional environment which includes the main office space, new kitchen facilities, break out room and IT storage. We would like to thank the ESB for all their help during the refurbishment, ProCon Solutions the contractors and all CILT staff for all their help and patience during the move.
CILT Council Secretary Patrick Casey enjoying the facilities
    Assistant Garda Commissioner Michael Finn
In the Summer Edition of Linkline published in August 2017,CILT ran an article on the Southern Section event on Road Safety Professionalism in Logistics and Transport.
In this article we referred to Assistant Garda Commissioner Michael Finn using the incorrect surname. We apologise for the error in our publication and for any upset caused by our mistake.
  The CharTered InsTITuTe of LogIsTICs & TransporT 77

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