Ft. Irwin High Desert Warrior, Aug 3 2018
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Volume 14, Number 8 Published in the interest of the National Training Center and Fort Irwin community • www.irwin.army.mil August 3, 2018
Decisive Action rotations ensure versatile, responsive, consistent availability
U.S. Army photo by Spc. Lisa Orender, Operations Group, National Training Center
A U.S. Army Soldier assigned to the 123rd Brigade Support Battalion “Iron Support”, 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss, Texas, sprints to a firing position while conducting a live-fire exercise during Decisive Action Rotation 18-08 at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, Calif., June 14, 2018. Decisive Action Rotations at the NTC ensure Army Brigade Combat Teams remain versatile, responsive and consistently available for current and future contingencies.

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