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             Your legacy could have a life-changing impact
                                                      Antonia Weiss (3.03-05) Architect and historian
The help I was offered by Malvern was instrumental in allowing me to come to the College in the first place. The education I received was life-changing in every way for me, laying the basis for my academic and professional career ever since: I went on to study Architecture at Cambridge and later at Princeton, and after several years practicing with leading design firms across Europe, I am now pursuing a PhD in History at the University of Amsterdam.
James Vivian (3.90-92)
Director of Music, St George’s Chapel, Windsor
I very much enjoyed my time at the College. My studies there enabled
me to win an organ scholarship to King’s College, Cambridge and then to forge a career as a musician. I was awarded a Major Music Scholarship at Malvern and the substantial fee assistance of this award enabled me to take up the place. Through the Malvernian Society Assisted Places scheme, I hope that many pupils in the future will benefit from the first-class education and opportunities that Malvern College offers.

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