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                           There are several different types of legacy that could benefit the Malvernian Society e.g.
• Residuary legacy: related to the value of your estate i.e. a proportion or percentage
• Pecuniary legacy: provides the Malvernian Society with a specific sum of money
• Specific legacy: allows you to leave specific assets such as property or stocks to the Malvernian Society
These are the most common types, but we suggest that you contact your solicitor to explain fully the options available to you.
If you have already made a will, it can be amended with
a codicil to include the Malvernian Society (we can supply a suitable form).
If you have made arrangements to leave your money to Malvern College, rather than the Malvernian Society, there is no need to change your will.
If you are registered with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) in the UK, you can nominate the Malvernian Society as a beneficiary through their Expression of Wishes form.
A will can be made at any age and, indeed, should be made by all independent adults. We are working with the National Free Wills Network to give you access to impartial advice and help in writing your will, free of charge - please contact us for more details.
No doubt, you would wish to think of your family first when writing your will. However, leaving even 1% of your estate to the Malvernian Society would be immensely helpful. If all OMs did the same, the impact would be transformational.
Please let us know of your intentions if at all possible. The easiest way to do this is to return our no-obligation Pledge Form. Even if you would prefer not to discuss a specific arrangement, we would like to thank you for thinking of us. We can also discuss your wishes as regards the designation of your gift and our acknowledgement of it.
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              Arranging your legacy

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