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             Thank you on behalf of Malvern College
               Our Qualities
Resilience | Self-awareness | Open-mindedness | Kindness | Collaboration Risk-taking | Curiosity | Ambition | Independence | Integrity | Humility
                                           Of course, we focus on academic success and are proud to pave the way to top-
class universities around the world. Equally important, however, is the development of character, through the pursuit of the Malvern Qualities, which creates the foundation for a happy and fulfilling adult life.
To achieve this, we need to attract the best team: teachers who are passionate advocates for their particular specialism up to both
A Level and IB Diploma standard, and pastoral staff who help communicate our values and instil them in our pupils.
We also need the best facilities and equipment to inspire young minds and compete with our peer schools. Our Science Centre, Sports Complex and Rogers Theatre are beacons in a campus that is second to none, thanks to the Council’s forward-thinking vision and the generosity of Old Malvernians, parents and Friends of the College.
I am well aware that our ambitions can only be realised
in full with the help of the Malvern community. Legacy gifts have played a huge part in recent years in helping us with our capital works, and they have also made a vital contribution to the Malvernian Society Assisted Places scheme, which helps us attract talent to the College and increase the diversity of the pupil body.
I am immensely grateful to all those who are supporting us, and who are helping to equip Malvern for 21st century success. It allows us to look to the future with great optimism.
Keith Metcalfe

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