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   Paul Moritz
Legator Testimonials
What has Malvern meant to me?
Take your pick as you consider your legacy gift: friendliness; loyalty; those CHARACTERS —their humour and sense of fun; those house contests, win or lose; being challenged to achieve high standards (and amazingly achieving
them!); school chapel; gratitude; parental sacrifice and OM support. My legacy wish is that many more bright
and deserving students are helped to get the Malvern education we enjoyed.
   Mark Jamieson
I am planning to leave a gift in my will to Malvern and this reflects my appreciation for the fine education that it gave me.
Attending Malvern College was a defining time in
my life, and the opportunities it gave me, be they CCF, Cwm Llwch, sport, music or volunteering have provided me with memories I will always cherish.
   Richard Brinkman (1.82-87)
I know Malvern was a special place and time in my father’s life and likewise for me. The memories, lifelong friendships and the encouragement of a ‘rounded’ character (long before these were formally identified as ‘Malvern Qualities’) are still very much valued.
Supporting the College will, I hope, enable current and future generations of Malvernians to have the same kind of fulfilling, positive and enriching experience.
   Charles Barwell
Leaving a legacy to the College is important for me as it recognises 150 years of family association with Malvern. I hope that by leaving a legacy the facilities of the school continue to be future-proofed to ensure that Malvern remains one of the best schools in the world.
I hope that my legacy will help more young people with real potential to make the most of their lives supported by a bursary programme that ensures that Malvern is accessible to able children irrespective of the ability to pay fees.

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