Page 24 - Michigan DNR OAC January – April At A Glance 2017
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Guests who visit the Michigan DNR Outdoor Adventure Center always stop to admire the colorful painting in front of our cafeteria entrance.
The painting was a gift to the OAC, at our grand opening in July 2015, from the U.S. Forest Service. This colorful and inspirational work of art pays homage to the three national forests in Michigan. It was created by writer/artist Louise Phillips who lives in Washington, D.C. She is passionate about bringing youth and earth together through the arts. Louise has dedicated her life to inspiring others, especially children. She began her career as a kindergarten teacher. Her late husband helped her with the idea of inspiring children with the arts to conserve nature. To build a bridge between children and the earth she has written several children’s books and created paintings. She started several children’s gardens at various hospitals including the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.
This autumn, Louise and the Mayo Clinic began planting native prairie grass to create a learning place for children. Louise is currently collaborating on a project to incorporate music into programs for the purpose of encouraging young people to be interested in the National Parks and National Forests.
Ms. Phillips visited us on the day of the unveiling and conducted an art workshop with Tindall Recreation day campers. So now that you know the history, take some time to enjoy this vibrant gift, which hangs over a large wooden desk, is located on our first floor. To learn more about that desk, check out our summer newsletter.

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