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Communications and
As the telecommunications industry exploded in the 1990s, driven by technology advancements and de-regulation, utility poles in American neighborhoods became crowded. To address over capacity, major electrical energy providers enacted stringent standards regarding the joint use and placement of lines on these poles.
With our significant experience and sterling reputation for installing coaxial cable and fiber optics both overhead and below ground, the energy providers and other utility pole users soon called on LeCom to service, maintain and upgrade the infrastructure to ensure compliance with rules and regulations.
As the industry expanded and evolved, so did LeCom.
Our LeCom Communications and Installation
Team began providing in-home installations
and service calls for voice, video, data, residential security systems, Internet and wireless connections. Our team also performs commercial installations and upgrades.
We ramped up our training and improved the technical skills of our technicians. LeCom communications technicians are computer-literate problem solvers. Our team members receive several weeks of classroom and on-the-job training with more experienced and seasoned LeCom technicians before we send them out on their own to make service calls.
This commitment to putting forward a highly- trained and competent workforce is fundamental to our success.
In any business, first impressions make a huge difference. That’s why our people wear professional uniforms and drive clean, newer-model vehicles. And of course, all of our service technicians receive receive background checks before they are hired.
What is more lasting than first impressions are final impressions. Our clients must be satisfied with our service, whether we’re providing installation services or trouble-shooting. When our clients measure how outside vendors perform across several criterions, LeCom consistently ranks in the top tier. And we also
pride ourselves in the fact that LeCom has a low occurrence of repeat service calls. This shows we get the job done right the first time.
Often, we go the extra mile to help protect our client’s assets. We developed proprietary software that enables us to accurately and precisely inventory the expensive remotes, modems and digital cable boxes we supply our communication clients’ customers. Using a wand scanner and bar code, we track what items were delivered when and where. This method provides us with a fail-safe mechanism to keep tabs on valuable equipment and reduces material management costs.

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