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Broadband Communications Team
The LeCom Broadband Communications Team was founded in 1980 when the burgeoning cable television industry began its expansion into the Detroit metropolitan area. We were the “go to” consultants for numerous cable providers, helping them secure franchise agreements from local municipalities and working withthemtobuildneighborhoodswithcoaxialcablenetworks. Inafive-yearperiod,ourhighly-skilled technicians connected more than 250,000 households. We wired the 138-square mile City of Detroit twice – both times ahead of schedule and under budget.
LeCom offers total broadband solutions: video; high-speed internet; voice and wireless product applications.
Webringtremendousengineeringexpertisetothetable. Ourcapabilitiesincludeproviding
make-ready construction services on major installation or infrastructure upgrade projects. LeCom has extensive experience in all aspects of Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) construction as well as Fiber Deep and Fiber- to-home designs.
As a broad-based network installer, we offer a wide range of design, testing and management services that support our primary installation responsibilities.
We assist our clients in all aspects of route development and right-of-way acquisition, and handle all necessary permitting work.
Our services include overhead and underground construction for both coax and fiber optics.
For underground work, we utilize both conventional trenching and environmentally-sensitive horizontal directional boring techniques. In fact, LeCom is one of the region’s premier horizontal directional boring specialists. Our expertise in this field ensures minimal disruption of pedestrian and residential traffic and minimal damage to landscapes and pavements.
The LeCom Team excels at sophisticated fiber fusion splicing. We feature multiple fusion splicers. Our state- of-the-art equipment creates low-loss optical fiber splices for both standard and Ribbon Fiber configurations. Our multiple fusion splicing equipment is mounted on our service vehicles or trailers and is always ready to go. LeCom’stechnologyinthisareaguaranteesthatourclients’fiberoptic-basedsystemsareinstalled, maintained and upgraded efficiently.
From complete design/build projects to less extensive move or adds, LeCom provides total solutions for all voice, video, data, wireless and other broadband telecommunication needs.

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