Page 6 - Michigan DNR - Outdoor Adventure Center January – April 2020
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  W6 HAT’S NEW attheOAC?
 each September we close for annual maintenance and improvements. We are proud of the new exhibits and enhancements we were able to accomplish in 2019.
 Our guests can now see inside our on-site beehives! Solar powered cameras transmit live video showing the outside and inside of our hives. A brand-new exhibit offers great insight to these important pollinators. We are also offering school groups a chance to visit the hives (seasonally offered)
This exhibit was made possible by the following sponsors:
      Our waterfall area is rich in wildlife. Our game is a great way to test your knowledge and send an email to yourself – showing all that you learned.
We wanted to engage more of our friends and the new version of this game is not only in English but also in Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin.
With two tablets available – you can challenge a friend or play on your own.
                                   This exhibit was put on hiatus in 2016 and is now new and improved.
Run your hand up the side of the tube to find out how much food a Michigan black bear needs to eat before hibernation. Compare your handprint to a paw print and learn more about the only bear that resides in Michigan.

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