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What can YOU do NOW?

        The new Congress, just sworn in on January 3rd, is already proving to be a significant challenge to investigators, security
        agencies, and process servers in 2019. Here is an update on the activity and outlook to date -

        IMPORTANT - Federal Legislation Watch for 2019!
        This means NCISS and YOU have to be prepared NOW and this will be the most important mission, and Hit the Hill event,
        in several years!

        YOUR MEMBERSHP AND SUPPORT IS NEEDED NOW!! It is important to develop and have these relationships with our
        state and federal law makers and regulators.

        NCISS and Lobbyit has prepared additional information published in the current NCISS members' magazine, Your
        Advocate - available as a courtesy at

        Looking for more benefits than having access to information and resources? At NCISS, we know peer networking and
        tangible benefits are important to members. Learn more at

          NCISS Annual Meeting and Hit the Hill – Advocating with Members for our Professions!

                              NCISS is holding its most important Hit the Hill event in recent years from April 29  to May 1
                              this year. Experienced lobbying members will be there to show you the ropes. For additional
                              information, please visit

                              Please make every effort to meet and develop a relationship with your representative both in
                              the U.S. Capitol and in their office at home to create an opportunity to educate them regarding
                              the important work private investigators do.

                              Regardless of your method of contact, it is critically important to reach out to the person who is
                              elected to represent you and get acquainted. If you look and act professional, it is often the trust
        that is built from a relationship that makes the difference.

        If we do not educate those who have the power to make the laws, who will? Your livelihood may depend on it.

        Tell your friends and colleagues… together, we can and do make a difference!

        NCISS Legislative Committee - Security & Investigations

          Legislative News from Lobbyit - Keith Nelson / NCISS Legislative Committee

        Be sure and catch the newest issue of the NCISS Digital Your
        Advocate at:

        Keep current on NCISS legislative activity at
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