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Imperial Splendors                                   Grand Tour of Iceland  11 Days /10 Nights
       11 Days 10 Nights          Spring thru Fall
     Munich, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg   Iceland  is  a  country  like  no  other,  almost  an  own  little

                                                          planet with exceptional landscapes: some of the world’s
     This is a magnificent jour-                          finest waterfalls, erupting geysers, stunning fjords, magi-
     ney  through  the  former                            cal lagoons, active volcanoes, majestic glaciers, power-
     Habsburg Empire. It visits                           ful lava flows as well as tranquil lakes with rare breeding
     five of Europe’s most intri-                         birds.  The Grand Tour of Iceland takes you on an unfor-
     guing  cities,  from  Munich                         gettable  journey  around  Iceland  including  Snaefellsnes
     with  its  many  historic                            peninsula and the magical West Fjords.
     highlights   and    Ma-
     rienplatz  to  the  “Golden                          Highlights  include:  A  circle  tour  of  Iceland  including
     City” of Prague to visit the                         Snaefellsnes peninsula and the West Fjords, visits to 3
     1,000-year-old  Hradcany                             national  parks,  Ferry  to  the  West  Fjord,  a  lava  cave,
     Castle  grounds,  St.  Vitus                         boat tour between floating icebergs, horse show and so
     Cathedral,   and   more.                             much more.  The maximum size of the group is 20!
     Travel  via  Bratislava  in                          Contact us for complete day to day itinerary…
     the Slovak Republic, where lunch with local specialties
     awaits you, to Budapest in Hungary and Vienna in Aus-
     tria. .  then enter Sound of Music country on your way to
     Salzburg,  where  you  will  see  the  birthplace  Mozart.
     Journey  by  high-speed  train  to  Berlin  for  three  over-
     nights and guided sightseeing that features the restored                                                     E
     Reichstag,  Charlottenburg  Palace,  Kaiser  Wilhelm  Me-
     morial  Church,  Checkpoint  Charlie,  the  Holocaust  Me-
     morial,  a  picture  stop  at  Brandenburg  Gate,  and  so
     much more!                                                                                                  U
     Tour Includes:
       RT Air from your area, first class accommodations,
         full buffet breakfast, 1 lunch, 5 three-course dinners,                                                  R
         with a special dinner with wine in Salzburg
       Sightseeing as per itinerary, transfers to from the Munich
         Airport,  high speed train to Munich             Italian Treasures
                                                          12 Days 11 Nights        Spring thru Fall              O
     Emerald Isle                                           Andiamo! (Let’s Go) … This tour provides you with 12
     11 Days 10 Night  Spring thru Fall                   fabulous days in the Roman and Tuscan countryside
     Dublin, Kildare, Knock, Claremorris, Kylemore, Galway,                                                       P
     Aran Island, Limerick, Killarney, Waterford          along with its major cities.  We will visit Rome, Florence,
                                                          Venice, Lucca, Assisi, Pisa, Siena, Asciano, Padua, Fer-
     Enjoy  an  incredible  journey  through  Ireland’s  bustling   rara, Pomposa and Ravenna.   If you can only get to
     cities and lush countryside. Begin in Dublin for a guided   Italy once, this is the tour to do.  It combines, the   E
     tour that includes O’Connell Street, St. Patrick’s Cathe-  sounds, tastes, culture and history of Italy, that makes
                                                          this one of the most sought after countries to visit. Brace
     dral, and Trinity College. Heading west, stop in Kildare   yourself to experience wonderful restaurants, unforgetta-
     at  the  Irish  National  Stud,  then  north  to  Longford’s   ble dinners, luxurious hotels and vistas that will astound
     Strokestown  House  for  a  tour  of  the  mansion  and  to
     learn about the Great Irish Famine of the 1840s. Then,   you.
     travel to the pilgrimage village of Knock. Drive along the
     beautiful coastline, visiting Kylemore Abbey and a mar-  Tour Highlights include:
     ble workshop. Stay in the port city of Galway, featuring     St. Marco’s Square, the Doge’s Palace, Venice
     an  included  excursion  to  the  Aran  Islands,  famous  for   Ghetto
     their linguistic and cultural heritage, and a genuine Irish     Padua, St. Anthony’s, with Mass at the Cathedral
     farm  experience.  See  the  breathtaking  Cliffs  of  Moher,     Leaning Tour of Pisa
     Limerick,  a  horse-drawn  jaunting  car  ride  in  Killarney,     Tuscany highlights include, Pienza, Bagno Vignone,
     scenic Ring of Kerry, Blarney, House of Waterford Crys-  Montepulciano,  with wine tasting at Montepulciano
     tal and St. Kevin’s center of Irish Christianity.      Florence: see Ponte Vecchio, visit the Uffizi Gallery
     Tour Includes:                                         Assisi: The Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi
       RT Air from your area, first class accommodations,     Rome: Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, and the
         full Irish buffet breakfast, 1 pub lunch, 4 three-   Raffaello’s Rooms, tour of the Basilica of St. Peters
         course dinners
       Sightseeing as per itinerary, transfers to from the Dublin   Contact us for a complete day to day itinerary and pric-
         Airport                                          ing.  Special Note:  Fall is a great time to visit and take
       Ask for complete itinerary                        part in the grape harvest and of course sample the wine!

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