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  Hilti TE700
• Breaking out window and door openings
• Heavy demolition on masonry and brick walls
• Removing tiles on walls and floors
• Removing plaster
• Bushing applications (i.e. roughening surfaces)
Hilti TE800
• Demolition work on walls
• Corrective work on floor slabs
• Breaking out openings for doors and windows • Making penetrations for ducts and pipes
Hilti TE1000
• Demolishing concrete and masonry at floor level or •
Hilti TE1500
Extensive demolition work at or near floor level
below waist level
• Removing tiles, bushing and compacting
• Renovating floors of all kinds
Corrective chiselling such as adjustments to door and window openings
• Exposing reinforcement in foundations
• Breaking out openings for stairs, risers and shafts
• Creating large channels in floors, e.g. for waste water pipes
• Breaking up asphalt in surface renewal work, e.g. sewer maintenance
Heavy Duty Demo Hammers:
  AVR: Active Vibration Reduction

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