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 “His ability at the racetrack got everyone’s attention,” Stewart said. “And then when
you look at his pedigree, while he’s not a true outcross of a pedigree, he’s not bred like a lot of horses, therefore he works on a lot of horses. His racing career and his pedigree are what really stand out about the horse.”
When it comes to the personality and demeanor of the 2019 leading freshman sire, Stewart shared a scene he witnessed that captures all you need to know about the stallion’s character.
“He’s a great-minded horse,” Stewart related about Hes Relentless. “One of the first times I saw him at the track, Jason Olmstead’s son was riding him, I think his son was 4 or 5 years old at the time and he was just riding him in the shedrow. He and his sister come to the farm once a year. And while this horse has matured into a stallion and although he isn’t hard to be around, he is still a stallion. But when those two kids show up, it is the most amazing transformation to watch. He will trot up to the gate like he does and when he sees those kids, he drops his head and puts it right in that boy’s chest. It’s just amazing. He’s a great horse, and a good horse to be around.”
Echoing that sentiment is co-owner Tom Maher, who told the Capital Journal back
during Hes Relentless’ racing days, “This is the Mount Everest of what I’ve done. There’s been a lot of other real good horses...He’s potentially a game-changer in the Quarter Horse breeding industry. He’s something way special.”
As far as what to expect in the future, Stewart is anticipating more success for Hes Relentless.
“We look for another good year from
the next crop of 2 year olds,” Stewart said. “I’d love to say he’s going to be the leading second-crop sire, but I can’t. I certainly think he will be there. I am really excited to see
his 3 year olds. I think they are going to be something else to watch.”
Hes Relentless has proven to be the clear early leader of his second stallion crop, already siring numerous top-shelf runners. And while it’s far too early to predict his trajectory in the commercial market, he is unquestionably an emerging sire with a promising future.
“I know I speak for all the ownership when I say we are very proud of what this horse accomplished in his first year and we’re looking forward to a bright future. We’re just as excited now as we were the first day he walked onto the farm.”
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“We’re just as excited now as we were the first day he walked onto the farm.” – Phillip Stewart
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